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Trucks are important in a towing company. They are used to carry vehicles that have broken down due to mechanical failures or accidents. Most of these trucks are owned by private business owners who manage towing companies. The government also owns tow trucks and uses them to patrol toll roads and highways. There are three types of tow trucks. The hook and chain tow trucks, or sling tow trucks, work by wrapping a chain around the axle or frame of the vehicle. They are used for towing vehicles damaged in an accident, particularly vehicles that lack front or back wheels and those with steel bumpers which are scratched or damaged. A wheel lift tow truck is like a hook and chain tow truck, only that the former uses a metal yoke instead of a chain. The metal yoke is hooked under the front of rear wheels of the vehicle. The vehicle is lifted by its front or rear part with a hydraulic hoist. Wheel lift tow trucks are also used for hauling off cars that have a flat tire or are out of gas. Flatbed tow trucks, which have a large empty bed at the back of the truck, are used for carrying a heavy haul. They use hydraulics to make the bed incline, forming the shape of a ramp. The vehicle is driven onto the flatbed or is dragged into place with a winch. Once the vehicle is in place, hydraulics is used again to straighten the flatbed and carry the vehicle. Towing Utah companies use flatbed tow trucks to transport heavy loads. The services of a Utah Towing company include the use of heavy-duty wreckers tow trucks. The towing company uses these wrecker tow trucks to ensure the public’s safety. Tow truck drivers are generally required to keep careful logs of their daily work and dealings with car owners. If your car suddenly breaks down or you plan to have your car carried to a certain destination, hire the services of Towing Utah companies have. These companies provide a 24-hour service. You can trust them in providing you with immediate roadside assistance.

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On November 10, 2014

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